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Management & Leveraged Transactions

Trust in business depends on a relationship, the owners approach the management team with a view to retire or monetise their investment and wanting to leave the business in capable hands. The Management Buy Out (MBO) process can be a significant disruption to managers who must attend to the running of the business at the same time as resolving the structure, financing and completion of the transaction.

Antswisa TAS championship team has the expertise and experience to steer management through each phase of the MBO transaction. Our aim is to help management achieve the most favourable price with the most appropriate financial structure at the lowest margin financing. We offer independent advice with a complete transaction management service.

Contact us if the following circumstances exist in the business you manage:

Certain parts of the business is no longer seen as core activities

The business is in financial distress and needs cash

Parts of acquisitions are unwanted

In a family business: succession issues through the retirement of the owner

Your management team stands to gain independence, autonomy, influence strategy and direction with the prospect of capital gain


Antswisa TAS’s  MBO Advisory services include:

Performing a business valuation and feasibility assessment

Advising on the financial structuring

Advising and assisting with capital raising including management equity, private equity , debt- and seller / vendor financing

Assisting with tax structuring and legal advice

Negotiating and facilitating towards a successful buyout

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