Antswisa Transaction Advisory team will help you with your corporate Vulnerabilities, Uncertainties Complexity and Ambiguity during and post Covid19 and recession period.

The business rescue process introduced in the new Companies Act, No 71 of 2008 allows some breathing space to companies facing financial distress. The new procedures allow a business rescue practitioner to step in and keep the company operating, either to return the company to profitable ways or to ensure a better return for creditors than they would receive in the case of liquidation.

The financial distress, Insolvency, business rescue and restructuring scenarios for 2020 reflects and portrays a vulnerabilities and uncertainties for corporates inspired by global and domestic economic environment that foster a sophisticated business processes to he adopted

Financially distressed companies – impacts to shareholders, creditors and employees

During this unprecedented time and all the repercussions that surround it, many people have found themselves in a spiral of uncertainty when it comes to the economy, the effect of economic conditions on their businesses and income, and importantly their means to earn a living – being their employment. Domestically, we have seen leaders weighing up the value of life versus the value of a functional economy and trying to strike the right balance between the two, in order to ultimately protect the population from the virus, while at the same time ensuring that the economy does not suffer irreversible harm.

Most medium sized and large corporates can manage challenges till end of August 2020, we mitigate the risk through lean adaptability or a plausible solution that suits your business situation.

Our focus is on guiding our clients to make the right decisions at the right time. We can help you proactively manage the process, decrease legal risk and financial exposure.

Our services include:

  • Managing financial corporate overexposure and debt restructuring.
  • Obtaining adequate and enforceable security.
  • Liquidation proceedings and sequestration.
  • Business rescue.
  • The administration of insolvent estates.
  • Cross-border insolvency.
  • Recovery action.
  • Impeachable transactions.
  • Directors’ personal liability.
  • Forensic investigations.
  • Preservation orders.
  • Insolvency inquiries.
  • Creditors’ meetings and proof of claims.
  • Training seminars on business rescue proceedings in the new Companies Act.

Things can be other than they are when specialists teams are deployed to be fire fighters in retail, Financial Services, Property Management, Private colleges, Manufacturing, ICT, and Hospitality and tourism. Scenarios of State Owned Enterprises we not handled well recently, flexibility wins in multiple stakeholders.

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