Fairness Opinions & Valuations

It is a written, affirmative determination by the provider that a transaction is fair/unfair and reasonable/unreasonable to a particular stakeholder.

Any number of factors in transactions involving both public and private companies can trigger the need for a fairness opinion. The JSE Listings Requirements and/or the TRP Code may require an independent expert or fairness opinion in the following instances:

Related party transactions

Engaging in transactions with related parties, where:

Shares are issued for cash at a discount

Options or convertible securities are issued or granted at a discount

Shares are issued at market value, but the company provides financial assistance

Securities are repurchased at a premium

Delisting from the JSE

Affected transactions

Company directors, shareholders or involved parties with a fiduciary responsibility, minority shareholders, shareholders involved in disputes, investors, regulators, courts, tax authorities or creditors will at times require an independent, objective expert to provide a valuation on a business, an asset, or a fairness opinion on a transaction.

How can Antswisa TAS  help you?

Antswisa TAS has the required expertise, resources and valuations experience to provide a thorough and trustworthy independent expert valuation. Our championship team works diligently to provide our clients with an efficient turnaround time within the tight deadlines whilst maintaining the highest standards that a service of this nature requires.

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