Corporate Recovery & Restructuring

The 2008 Global Financial Crisis and The Covid19 2020 Market complexities and uncertainty comes with challenge , our championship team will provide complexity solutions and an immediate understanding of the interests and perceptions of each of the parties involved.

Antswisa Transaction Advisory Services experience of acting for different stakeholders in the capital structure provides it with insight to assess the likely perspective of each party and to stabilise key relationships with and instil confidence in employees, creditors, banks and other stakeholders.

We develop realistic business plans, build consensus, manage expectations, focus on quick decisions and drive the process with the aim of financial stability and sustainable improvement.

Every situation requires a tailored approach. Our ability to produce a customised solution for our clients in each case is supported by our propensity to draw on a number of disciplines across our business. We perform a full review of the company’s financial situation to identify all potential cost savings and liquidity generating opportunities with a view to support and achieve the overall restructuring objectives as well as concurrently managing away from potential threats. Antswisa TAS will accept corporate recovery and restructuring appointments on a selected basis.
Antswisa TAS’s Corporate Recovery & Restructuring Advisory services include:

Developing a restructuring plan and building consensus

Generating liquidity and managing cash

Performing valuations

Assisting to create a market in the selling of non-core assets and businesses

Negotiating with creditors and debt providers on term adjustments, stock buybacks, debt consolidations and refinancing, debt for equity swaps

Recapitalisations through new equity partners, rights offers

Assistance with tax structuring and planning

Interpretation, structuring and drafting of legal agreements

Supporting and steering management towards a sustainable recovery

We offer our clients a fee structure that aligns our compensation with their objectives. By sharing the risk and rewards, we truly become partners in achieving success. Our goal is to meet clients desired expectation.

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