Energy, Renewable Energy, Utilities and Mining

Working with every segment of the energy including renewable energy, utilities and mining industries in South Africa and the rest of Africa, we tailor our boutique services and provide innovative customised business solutions to meet your specific needs.

Globally, companies are exploring the emerging markets with opportunities in energy, utilities and mining. This shifts focus to Africa with it’s own challenges including resource nationalisation, a shortage of skilled labour, generally rising costs, weak infrastructure and pervasive corruption.

Despite these challenges there are vast opportunities and potential for companies. We help organisations explore these opportunities, navigate risk and deal with disruptive business challenges. With our professionals’ financial and operational experience, knowledge of business processes and our industry insight we can help you to develop new strategies, improve operating models, grow revenues and reduce costs to deliver superior customer and investor value.

Working in South Africa and Africa for over 10 years with a presence in 3 regions, our in-depth industry knowledge is complemented by an extensive African and global network through collaborations on projects requiring same.

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