Climate Change, Sustainability and Circular Economy

Our leaders’ inadequate response to deal with the threats posed by climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions – “Failure of climate-change mitigation and adaptation”, is a concern and a manifestation of environmental policy failure.

The results of climate inaction are becoming increasingly clear. The accelerating pace of biodiversity loss is a particular concern.

Antswisa Transaction Advisory Services believes that Renewable Power could cover up to three-fifths of in South African electricity supply by 2050 – drastically reducing carbon emissions and helping to mitigate climate change. However, strategies are needed to fully integrate the variable renewables, solar and wind energy. This will lead to realizing climate change goals by about 55%, confirming renewables to be the biggest game changer for climate change globally.

Antswisa Transaction Advisory Services is committed to the course of assisting its clients accelerate the transition towards a greener future through collaboration.

Antswisa Transaction Advisory Services aims to create systems change at speed and scale by enabling circular economy and climate change partners to:

  • Develop blended financing models for circular economy projects, in particular in developing and emerging economies
  • Help create and adjust enabling policy frameworks to address specific barriers to advancing the circular economy
  • Bring the private and public sector into public-private collaborations to scale impact around circular economy initiatives
  • Recommended solutions on the future of jobs and circular economy
  • Facilitating round table and executive conferences on circular economy
  • Guiding resilient municipalities, corporates and other integrated government departments dealing with circular economy based on the priorities of your government.

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